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Specimen data from the Consortium of California Herbarium

Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Data

Recommended Citation Formats

Use one of the following formats to cite data retrieved from the CCH2 Portal network:
General Citation:
CCH2 Portal. 2024. Accessed on May 21.
Usage of occurrence data from specific institutions:
Biodiversity occurrence data published by: <List of Collections> (Accessed through CCH2 Portal Data Portal,, YYYY-MM-DD)

For example:
Biodiversity occurrence data published by: Field Museum of Natural History, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, and New York Botanical Garden (Accessed through CCH2 Portal Data Portal,, 2024-05-21)

Occurrence Record Use Policy


Images within this website have been generously contributed by their owners to promote education and research. These contributors retain the full copyright for their images. Unless stated otherwise, images are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) Users are allowed to copy, transmit, reuse, and/or adapt content, as long as attribution regarding the source of the content is made. If the content is altered, transformed, or enhanced, it may be re-distributed only under the same or similar license by which it was acquired.

Notes on Specimen Records and Images

Specimens are used for scientific research and because of skilled preparation and careful use they may last for hundreds of years. Some collections have specimens that were collected over 100 years ago that are no longer occur within the area. By making these specimens available on the web as images, their availability and value improves without an increase in inadvertent damage caused by use. Note that if you are considering making specimens, remember collecting normally requires permission of the landowner and, in the case of rare and endangered plants, additional permits may be required. It is best to coordinate such efforts with a regional institution that manages a publically accessible collection.

Statement on Offensive Content in Specimen Collections

The CCH acknowledges that, as historical specimens, herbarium specimen labels may contain offensive language. In the interests of historical integrity, we are not removing these words from occurrence records when they reflect locality information. We aim to include a flag on such records alongside these data that describes the currently accepted description or locality along with a reference to this Statement.