Whiting Ranch - Lacking Herbarium Voucher
Authors: Michael Simpson

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Families: 39
Genera: 69
Species: 78
Total Taxa: 81

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Note: a recent name change from Cylindropuntia californica var. parkeri; see Baker, M. A. and D. J. Pinkava. 2018. Chromosome numbers in some cacti of western North America ? IX. Haseltonia 2018:5-29. iNat Observations; CalFlora Observations
Oenothera elata Kunth - Tall Evening-Primrose
Aphyllon parishii - Parish's broomrape
Diplacus longiflorus Nutt. - Santa Susana bush monkeyflower
On doubtful list, should be looked for
Hordeum murinum L. - Wall Barley
On doubtful list; observed ~200 m from park boundary; to be looked for
Delphinium patens Benth. - zigzag larkspur