Checklist of the Vascular Flora of Santa Barbara Island, California
Authors: C. Matt Guilliams and Kristen Hasenstab-Lehman
Citation: Guilliams, C.M. & K.E. Hasenstab-Lehman 2021. Checklist of the Vascular Flora of Santa Barbara Island, California, Version 2, 13 April 2021. Originally published online February 12, 2021, updated continually thereafter.

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Families: 36
Genera: 105
Species: 143
Total Taxa: 144

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Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L. - Crystalline Iceplant
[Cryophytum crystallinum (L.) N.E.Br., Gasoul crystallinum (L.) Rothm.]
Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum L. - Slender-Leaf Iceplant
[Cryophytum nodiflorum (L.) L.Bolus, Gasoul nodiflorum (L.) Rothm.]
Non-native; last collected in 2021; R. N. Philbrick B68-92 [SBBG], Dr. W. A. Bryan 6771 [RSA]
[Apiastrum latifolium Nutt.]
Collected once in 2000; S. A. Junak SB-180 [SBBG]
Achillea millefolium L. - Yarrow, Milfoil
[Achillea borealis subsp. arenicola (A.Heller) D.D.Keck, Achillea borealis subsp. californica (Pollard) D.D. Keck, Achillea lanulosa subsp. alpicola (Rydb.) D.D. Keck, Achillea lanulosa var. lanulosa, Achillea millefolium f. rosea E.L. Rand & Redfield, Achillea millefolium subsp. lanulosa Piper, Achillea millefolium subsp. millefolium, Achillea millefolium var. alpicola (Rydb.) Garrett, Achillea millefolium var. arenicola (A. Heller) Nobs, Achillea millefolium var. borealis (Bong.) Farw., Achillea millefolium var. californica (Pollard) Jeps., Achillea millefolium var. gigantea (Pollard) Nobs, Achillea millefolium var. lanulosa (Nutt.) Piper, Achillea millefolium var. littoralis, Achillea millefolium var. maritima Jeps., Achillea millefolium var. millefolium, Achillea millefolium var. occidentalis DC., Achillea millefolium var. pacifica (Rydb.) G.N. Jones, Achillea millefolium var. puberula (Rydb.) Nobs, Achillea puberula Rydb.]
Artemisia californica Less. - Coastal Sagebrush
[Artemisia abrotanoides Nutt., Artemisia fischeriana Besser, Artemisia foliosa Nutt., Crossostephium insulare]
Last collected in 1993; not included in Junak et al. (1993); S. A. Junak SB-105 [SBBG], L. R. Abrams... 299 [UCJEPS]
[Artemisia californica var. insularis (Rydb.) Munz]
[Baccharis consanguinea DC., Baccharis pilularis var. consanguinea (DC.) Kuntze]
Last collected in 2021 from material in propagation at NPS Nursery; R. N. Philbrick... B68-224 [SBBG], S. A. Junak SB-37 [SBBG]
[Baccharis emoryi A. Gray]
Collected once in 1983; C. A. Drost 351 [SBBG]
[Anacyclus australis Sieber ex Spreng., Lancisia australis (Sieber ex Spreng.) Rydb., Strongylosperma australe (Sieber ex Spreng.) Less.]
Non-native; last collected in 2021; S. A. Junak SB-73 [SBBG], C. A. Drost 222 [SBBG]
[Hemizonia clementina Brandeg., Zonanthemis clementina (Brandegee) Davidson & Moxley]
[Deinandra fasciculata subsp. fasciculata, Deinandra fasciculata subsp. ramosissima, Deinandra ramosissima, Hartmannia fasciculata, Hartmannia glomerata Nutt., Hemizonia fasciculata (DC.) Torr. & A. Gray, Hemizonia fasciculata subsp. fasciculata, Hemizonia fasciculata subsp. ramosissima, Hemizonia fasciculata var. fasciculata, Hemizonia fasciculata var. ramosissima, Hemizonia ramosissima Benth.]
Encelia californica Nutt. - California Encelia
Collected in 2021 from material in cultivation at NPS Nursery; C. A. Drost 214 [SBBG]
Erigeron bonariensis L. - Flax-Leaf Fleabane
[Conyza bonariensis (L.) Cronq., Conyza bonariensis var. bonariensis, Erigeron crispus Pourr., Leptilon bonariense (L.) Small, Marsea bonariensis (L.) V.M. Badillo]
Non-native; last collected in 1986; S. A. Junak SB-39 [SBBG], C. A. Drost 220 [SBBG]
[Aster canadensis (L.) Kuntze, Caenotus canadensis (L.) Raf., Conyza canadensis (L.) Cronq., Conyza canadensis var. canadensis, Conyza canadensis var. glabrata (A.Gray) Cronquist, Conyza canadensis var. pusilla (Nutt.) Cronquist, Conyza parva Cronquist, Conyzella canadensis (L.) Rupr., Erigeron pusillus Nutt., Leptilon canadense (L.) Britton, Leptilon linifolium (Willd.) Small, Marsea canadensis (L.) V.M. Badillo]
[Hedypnois cretica (L.) Dum.-Courset, Hyoseris cretica L.]
Non-native; collected once in 1999; S. A. Junak SB-170 [SBBG]
[Conyza coulteri A. Gray, Conyzella coulteri (A. Gray) Greene, Eschenbachia coulteri (A. Gray) Rydb.]
Collected once in 1983; C. A. Drost 344 [SBBG]
[Baeria chrysostoma subsp. gracilis (DC.) Ferris, Baeria chrysostoma var. gracilis (DC.) H.M.Hall, Baeria gracilis (DC.) A. Gray, Burrielia gracilis DC.]
[Filago arizonica A. Gray, Oglifa arizonica (A. Gray) Chrtek & Holub]
Collected once in 2000; S. A. Junak SB-183 [SBBG]
[Filago californica Nutt., Gnaphalium filaginoides Hook. & Arn., Logfia californica (Nutt.) J. Holub, Oglifa californica (Nutt.) Rydb.]
Reported by Junak et al. (1993) and Ratay et al. (2014), specimens cited abut not observed
[Malacothrix foliosa var. foliosa]
[Malacothrix implicata Eastw.]
Channel Islands endemic; last collected in 1932; W. R. Dickinson 1932-08-19 [SBBG]
Perityle emoryi Torr. - Emory’s Rock Daisy
[Perityle fitchii Torr. ex A.Gray, Perityle grayi Rose, Perityle greenei]
[Gnaphalium bicolor Sch. Bip., Pseudognaphalium bicolor (Sch. Bip.) Anderb.]
[Gnaphalium californicum DC., Gnaphalium decurrens var. californicum]
[Gnaphalium luteo-album L., Gnaphalium luteoalbum L., Helichrysum luteoalbum (L.) Rchb., Laphangium luteoalbum (L.) Tzvelev, Pseudognaphalium luteo-album]
Non-native; collected once in 1983; C. A. Drost 347 [SBBG]
[Gnaphalium albidum I. M. Johnst., Gnaphalium canescens subsp. microcephalum (Nutt.) G.L. Stebbins & D.J. Keil, Gnaphalium microcephalum Nutt., Gnaphalium microcephalum subsp. microcephalum, Gnaphalium microcephalum var. microcephalum, Pseudognaphalium canescens subsp. microcephalum (Nutt.) Kartesz, Pseudognaphalium microcephalum var. microcephalum]
Collected once in 1985; C. A. Drost 390 [SBBG]
Rafinesquia californica Nutt. - California Chicory
[Nemoseris californica (Nutt.) Greene]
[Carduus marianus L., Mariana mariana (L.) Hill]
Non-native; last collected in 1969; note that some specimens referred to as S. tenerrimus are better placed in S. oleraceus according to Strother (2019); R. N. Philbrick... B69-45 [SBBG]
[Calais lindleyi DC., Microseris lindleyi (DC.) A. Gray, Microseris linearifolia (DC.) Sch. Bip., Uropappus linearifolius (DC.) Nutt., Uropappus linearifolius var. elatus]
Xanthium spinosum - Spiny Cocklebur
[Acanthoxanthium spinosum (L.) Fourr., Xanthium spinosum subsp. spinosum]
Non-native; last collected in 1931; Abrams, L. R.... 293 [CAS]
[Amsinckia abbreviata Suksd., Amsinckia amplexicaulis Suksd., Amsinckia californica Suksd., Amsinckia celsa Suksd., Amsinckia intermedia var. echinata (A. Gray) Wiggins, Amsinckia intermedia var. sancti-nicolai (Eastw.) Jeps., Amsinckia maritima Eastw., Amsinckia menziesii intermedia (Fisch. & C. A. Mey.) Ganders, Amsinckia menziesii var. echinata (A. Gray) Brand, Amsinckia menziesii var. intermedia (Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) Ganders, Amsinckia sancti-nicolai Eastw., Amsinckia scouleri I.M. Johnst., Amsinckia spectabilis Fisch. & Mey., Amsinckia spectabilis var. sancti-nicolai (Eastw.) I.M. Johnst., Amsinckia spectabilis var. spectabilis, Benthamia sancti-nicolai]
[Amsinckia celsa Suksd., Amsinckia conspicua Suksd., Amsinckia divergens Suksd., Amsinckia diversifolia Suksd., Amsinckia intermedia Fisch. & Mey., Amsinckia intermedia var. sancti-nicolai (Eastw.) Jeps., Amsinckia maritima Eastw., Amsinckia parishii Brand, Amsinckia sancti-nicolai Eastw., Amsinckia scouleri I.M. Johnst., Amsinckia spectabilis var. sancti-nicolai (Eastw.) I.M. Johnst., Amsinckia spectabilis var. spectabilis, Amsinckia splendens Suksd., Amsinckia truncata Suksd., Benthamia sancti-nicolai]
[Amsinckia celsa Suksd., Amsinckia intermedia Fisch. & Mey., Amsinckia intermedia var. sancti-nicolai (Eastw.) Jeps., Amsinckia maritima Eastw., Amsinckia sancti-nicolai Eastw., Amsinckia scouleri I.M. Johnst., Amsinckia spectabilis Fisch. & Mey., Amsinckia spectabilis var. sancti-nicolai (Eastw.) I.M. Johnst., Benthamia sancti-nicolai]
Last collected in 2021; Ralph N. Philbrick B70-34 [SBBG]
Cryptantha clevelandii Greene - Cleveland's Cryptantha
[Cryptantha abramsii, Cryptantha brandegeei, Cryptantha clevelandi]
[Krynitzkia maritima Greene]
[Brassica nigra subsp. nigra (L.) W.D.J. Koch, Brassica nigra var. japonica (Thunb.) O.E. Schulz, Brassica nigra var. nigra W.D.J. Koch, Melanosinapis nigra (L.) Calest., Mutarda nigra (L.) Bernh., Sinapis nigra L., Sisymbrium nigrum (L.) Prantl]
Non-native; collected once in 1940; M. B. Dunkle 7445 [SBBG]
[Caulanthus lasiophyllus var. inalienus (B.L. Rob.) Payson, Caulanthus lasiophyllus var. lasiophyllus, Caulanthus lasiophyllus var. rigidus (Greene) Payson, Caulanthus lasiophyllus var. utahensis (Rydb.) Payson, Guillenia inaliena, Guillenia lasiophylla (Hook. & Arn.) Greene, Guillenia rigida, Microsisymbrium lasiophyllum (Hook. & Arn.) O.E. Schulz, Microsisymbrium lasiophyllum var. dasycarpum, Microsisymbrium lasiophyllum var. dissectum, Microsisymbrium lasiophyllum var. inalienum (B.L.Rob.) O.E.Schulz, Microsisymbrium lasiophyllum var. integrifolium, Microsisymbrium lasiophyllum var. lasiophyllum, Microsisymbrium lasiophyllum var. rigidum, Sisymbrium acuticarpum M.E. Jones, Sisymbrium lasiophyllum (Hook. & Arn.) K. Brandegee, Streptanthus lasiophyllus (Hook. & Arn.) Hoover, Streptanthus lasiophyllus var. inalienus, Streptanthus lasiophyllus var. lasiophyllus, Streptanthus lasiophyllus var. utahensis, Streptanthus rigidus, Thelypodium lasiophyllum (Hook. & Arn.) Greene, Thelypodium lasiophyllum var. inalienum B.L. Rob., Thelypodium lasiophyllum var. lasiophyllum, Thelypodium lasiophyllum var. rigidum (Greene) B.L. Rob., Thelypodium lasiophyllum var. utahense (Rydb.) Jeps., Thelypodium rigidum Greene, Thelypodium utahense Rydb., Turritis lasiophylla Hook. & Arn.]
[Brassica adpressa Boiss., Brassica geniculata (Desf.) Ball, Brassica incana Ten., Erucastrum incanum var. geniculatum, Hirschfeldia geniculata, Hirschfeldia incana subsp. geniculata, Hirschfeldia incana subsp. leptocarpa Tzvelev, Hirschfeldia incana var. geniculata, Hirsheldia incana (L.) Lagr.-Foss., Sinapis adpressa (Moench) Schloss. & Vuk., Sinapis geniculata, Sinapis incana L.]
Non-native; collected once in 1995; S. Chaney 1995-00-00 [SBBG]
Hornungia procumbens (L.) Hayek - prostrate hutchinsia
[Bursa procumbens (L.) Kuntze, Capsella elliptica C.A. Mey., Capsella procumbens (L.) Fr., Capsella procumbens var. davidsonii Munz, Crucifera procumbens E.H.L.Krause, Hutchinsia procumbens (L.) Desv., Hymenolobus divaricatus Nutt., Hymenolobus procumbens (L.) Nutt. ex Schinz & Thell., Noccaea procumbens (L.) Rchb., Thlaspi procumbens (L.) Lapeyr.]
Non-native; last collected in 1998; S. A. Junak SB-139 [SBBG], R. N. Philbrick... B70-45 [SBBG]
Lepidium nitidum Nutt. - Shining Peppergrass
[Lepidium leiocarpum Hook. & Arn., Lepidium nitidum var. howellii C.L. Hitchc., Lepidium nitidum var. insigne Greene, Lepidium nitidum var. nitidum, Lepidium nitidum var. oreganum (Howell ex Greene) C.L. Hitchc., Lepidium oreganum T.J.Howell ex Greene, Lepidium strictum var. oreganum, Nasturtium nitidum (Nutt.) Kuntze]
[Cylindropuntia X prolifera, Opuntia prolifera Engelm.]
[Opuntia engelmannii var. littoralis Engelm., Opuntia intricata Griffiths, Opuntia lindheimeri var. littoralis (Engelm.) J.M. Coult., Opuntia littoralis var. littoralis, Opuntia magenta Griffiths, Opuntia occidentalis Engelm. & J.M. Bigelow, Opuntia occidentalis var. littoralis (Engelm.) Parish, Opuntia semispinosa Griffiths]
Collected once in 1966; Ralph N. Philbrick 628 [SBBG]
[Cannabis indica Lam., Cannabis sativa subsp. indica (Lam.) E. Small & Cronquist, Cannabis sativa subsp. sativa, Cannabis sativa var. indica, Cannabis sativa var. sativa, Cannabis sativa var. vulgaris Alef.]
Non-native; collected multiple times in 1968; R. N. Philbrick 1968-10-07 [SBBG]
Herniaria hirsuta L. - hairy rupturewort
[Herniaria cinerea DC., Herniaria hirsuta subsp. cinerea (DC.) Cout., Paronychia pusilla]
Non-native; collected once in 1994; S. A. Junak SB-109 [SBBG]
[Mollugo tetraphylla L.]
Non-native; collected once in 2005; Sarah Chaney SC462 [SBBG], S. A. Junak SB-146 [SBBG]
Silene gallica L. - Windmill Pink
[Silene anglica L., Silene gallica var. quinquevulnera (L.) Mert. & Koch]
Non-native; last collected in 1998; M. B. Dunkle 8143 [SBBG], S. A. Junak SB-138 [SBBG]
Spergularia bocconi (Scheele) Graebn. - Boccone’s Sand-Spurrey
[Alsine bocconi, Alsine bocconii, Alsine luteola, Spergularia bocconei (Scheele) Graebner, Spergularia bocconii (Scheele) Graebn., Tissa luteola Greene]
Non-native; last collected in 1999; S. A. Junak SB-171 [SBBG], C. A. Drost 205 [SBBG]
[Alsine macrotheca (Hornem. ex Cham. & Schltdl.) House, Arenaria macrotheca Hornem. ex Cham. & Schltdl., Buda macrotheca (Hornem. ex Cham. & Schltdl.) Kuntze, Lepigonum macrothecum (Hornem. ex Cham. & Schltdl.) Fisch. & C.A.Mey., Spergularia macrotheca var. scariosa (Britton) B. L. Rob., Spergularia macrotheca var. talinum (Greene) Jeps., Tissa macrotheca (Hornem. ex Cham. & Schltdl.) Britton]
[Tissa talinum Greene, Tissa valida]
[Arenaria marina (L.) Weber, Arenaria rubra var. marina L., Buda marina (L.) Dum., Buda media var. marina (Griseb.) Kuntze, Corion marinum (L.) N.E.Br., Lepigonum marinum (L.) Wahlenb., Lepigonum tenue Greene, Spergula marina (L.) Bartl. & H.L.Wendl., Spergula salina, Spergula salina var. leiosperma (Kindb.) Maire & Weiller, Spergularia alata Wiegand, Spergularia leiosperma (Kindb.) F. Schmidt, Spergularia marina var. leiosperma (Kindb.) Gürke, Spergularia marina var. marina, Spergularia marina var. simonii O. Deg. & I. Deg., Spergularia marina var. tenuis (Greene) R. Rossbach, Spergularia rubra var. marina (L.) A.Gray, Spergularia salina J. Presl & C. Presl, Spergularia salina var. salina, Spergularia salina var. tenuis (Greene) Jeps., Spergularia sparsiflora (Greene) A. Nelson, Spergularia tenuis var. involucrata B.L. Rob., Stipularia marina (L.) Haw., Tissa marina (L.) Britton, Tissa sparsiflora Greene, Tissa tenuis Greene]
Collected once in 1983; C. A. Drost 337 [SBBG]
Atriplex pacifica A. Nelson - south coast saltbush
[Atriplex microcarpa Waldst. & Kit., Atriplex ramosissima Nutt. ex Moq., Obione microcarpa Benth.]
Atriplex semibaccata R. Br. - Australian Saltbush
[Atriplex flagellaris Wooton & Standl.]
Blitum californicum S. Wats. - California Goosefoot
[Chenopodium californicum (S. Watson) S. Watson]
Chenopodium murale L. - Nettle-Leaf Goosefoot
[Anserina muralis (L.) Montandon, Atriplex muralis (L.) Crantz]
[Atriplex californica Moq.]
[Blitum nuttalianum Schult.]
[Dondia brevifolia Standl., Dondia taxifolia Standl., Suaeda californica var. pubescens Jeps., Suaeda californica var. taxifolia (Standl.) Munz, Suaeda taxifolia subsp. brevifolia (Standl.) Abrams]
[Convolvulus macrostegius Greene, Convolvulus occidentalis var. macrostegius (Greene) Munz, Volvulus macrostegius (Greene) Farw.]
Channel Islands endemic; last collected in 2021; M. B. Dunkle 8138 [SBBG], R. N. Philbrick B68-84 [SBBG]
[Crassula connata var. connata, Crassula connata var. erectoides Bywater & Wickens, Crassula connata var. eremica (Jeps.) Bywater & Wickens, Crassula connata var. subsimplex (S. Watson) Bywater & Wickens, Crassula erecta (Hook. & Arn.) A. Berger, Tillaea connata Ruiz & Pav., Tillaea erecta Hook. & Arn., Tillaea erecta subsp. eremica (Jeps.) Wiggins, Tillaea erecta var. eremica Jeps., Tillaea leptopetala Benth., Tillaea minima, Tillaea minima var. subsimplex S. Watson, Tillaea rubescens Kunth]
Dudleya traskiae (Rose) Moran - Santa Barbara Island liveforever
[Cotyledon traskiae (Rose) Fedde, Echeveria traskiae (Rose) A. Berger, Stylophyllum traskiae Rose]
Marah macrocarpa (Greene) Greene - Wild Cucumber, Man-root
[Echinocystis guadalupensis, Echinocystis macrocarpa Greene, Marah guadalupensis (S. Watson) Greene, Marah macrocarpa var. macrocarpa, Marah macrocarpa var. major (Dunn) Stocking, Marah macrocarpa var. micrantha (Dunn) Stocking, Marah macrocarpus (Greene) Greene, Marah macrocarpus var. macrocarpus, Marah macrocarpus var. major (Dunn) Stocking, Marah macrocarpus var. micranthus Stocking, Megarrhiza californica S. Watson, Megarrhiza guadalupensis, Megarrhiza macrocarpa (Greene) Tidestr., Micrampelis guadalupensis, Micrampelis macrocarpa (Greene) Greene]
Plants somewhat intermediate with M. fabacea; last collected in 2021; M. B. Dunkle 7439 [SBBG]
Euphorbia maculata L. - Spotted Spurge
[Anisophyllum maculatum (L.) Haw., Chamaesyce jovetii (Huguet) Holub, Chamaesyce maculata (L.) Small, Chamaesyce mathewsii Small, Chamaesyce pseudonutans Thell., Chamaesyce supina (Raf.) H.Hara, Chamaesyce tracyi Small, Euphorbia jovetii Huguet, Euphorbia maculata var. detonsa Engelm. ex Boiss., Euphorbia maculata var. parvula Riddell, Euphorbia supina Raf., Tithymalus maculatus (L.) Moench, Xamesike depressa (Torr. ex Spreng.) Raf., Xamesike littoralis Raf., Xamesike maculata (L.) Raf., Xamesike supina (Raf.) Raf.]
Non-native; reported by Ratay et al. (2014); S. A. Junak SB-108 [SBBG]
[Hosackia argophylla A. Gray, Lotus argophyllus (A. Gray) Greene, Syrmatium argophyllum (A.Gray)Greene]
[Hosackia ornithopa Greene, Hosackia ornithopa subsp. venusta (Eastw.) Abrams, Lotus argophyllus subsp. ornithopus (Greene) P.H. Raven, Lotus argophyllus var. argenteus Dunkle, Lotus argophyllus var. ornithopus (Greene) Ottley]
Channel Islands endemic; last collected in 2000; S. A. Junak SB-181 [SBBG], M. B. Dunkle 7409 [SBBG]
Astragalus traskiae Eastw. - Trask's milk-vetch
[Astragalus nevinii var. traskiae (Eastw.) M.E. Jones, Tium traskiae (Eastw.) Rydb.]
Channel Islands endemic; last collected in 1998; S. A. Junak SB-136 [SBBG], M. B. Dunkle 8132 [SBBG], L. R. Abrams... 308 [UCJEPS]
[Medicago apiculata Willd., Medicago berteroana Moris, Medicago denticulata Willd., Medicago hispida Gaertn., Medicago hispida var. apiculata (Willd.) Burnat, Medicago hispida var. confinis (W.D.J. Koch) Burnat, Medicago hispida var. confinus (W.D.J.Koch)Burnat, Medicago hispida var. hispida, Medicago minima subsp. brevispina, Medicago minima var. brevispina, Medicago polycarpa Willd., Medicago polymorpha f. apiculata (Willd.) Shinners, Medicago polymorpha subsp. polymorpha, Medicago polymorpha var. brevispina (Benth.) Heyn, Medicago polymorpha var. ciliaris (Ser.) Shinners, Medicago polymorpha var. polygyra (Urb.) Shinners, Medicago polymorpha var. polymorpha, Medicago polymorpha var. tricycla (Gren. & Godr.) Shinners, Medicago polymorpha var. vulgaris (Benth.) Shinners, Medicago sardoa Moris]
Non-native; last collected in 1999; S. A. Junak SB-167 [SBBG], R. Bond 393 [SBBG]
[Medicago parviflora (Desf.) E.H.L.Krause, Melilotus indica (L.) All., Melilotus parviflora Desf., Sertula indica (L.) Kuntze, Sertula melilotus var. indica, Trifolium melilotus var. indicum L.]
Non-native; last collected in 1999; C. A. Drost 204 [SBBG], S. A. Junak SB-169 [SBBG]
[Trifolium gracilentum var. gracilentum, Trifolium gracilentum var. inconspicuum Fernald]
Reported by Ratay et al. (2014), but no specimens observed; possibly an error due to recognition of island endemic T. palmeri [T. gracilentum var. palmeri] at species rank
[Trifolium gracilentum var. palmeri (S. Watson) McDermott]
California Islands endemic; last collected in 1991; S. A. Junak SB-60 [SBBG], M. B. Dunkle 7415 [SBBG], R. N. Philbrick B69-90 [SBBG]
[Trifolium aciculare Torr. & A.Gray, Trifolium fimbriatum var. angustifolium A.Gray, Trifolium tridentatum Lindl., Trifolium tridentatum var. aciculare (Nutt.) McDermott, Trifolium tridentatum var. clivorum Jeps., Trifolium tridentatum var. segetum (Greene) McDermott, Trifolium tridentatum var. tridentatum, Trifolium willdenowii Spreng.]
Erodium cicutarium (L.) L'Hér. ex Aiton - Red-Stem Filaree/Storksbill
[Erodium cicutarium subsp. cicutarium, Erodium cicutarium subsp. jacquinianum (Fisch., C.A. Mey. & Avé-Lall.) Briq., Geranium cicutarium L.]
Non-native; last collected in 1998; R. N. Philbrick B66-405 [SBBG], S. A. Junak SB-128 [SBBG]
Erodium moschatum (L.) L'Hér. ex Aiton - White-Stem Filaree/Storksbill
[Erodium moschatum var. moschatum, Geranium cicutarium var. moschatum L., Geranium moschatum (L.) Burm.f.]
[Ellisia chrysanthemifolia Benth.]
[Ellisia chrysanthemifolia Benth., Ellisia torreyi var. orcuttii, Ellisia torreyi var. paniculata, Eucrypta foliosa, Eucrypta paniculata, Macrocalyx chrysanthemifolius]
Reported in Junak et al. (1993) and Ratay et al. (2014), the former referencing a specimen collected by Drost (195) in 1982
Phacelia distans Benth. - Distant Phacelia
[Phacelia alvordensis, Phacelia ammophila Greene ex Brand, Phacelia arthuri, Phacelia arthurii Greene, Phacelia cinerea Eastw. ex J.F.Macbr., Phacelia commixta Greene, Phacelia conmixta, Phacelia distans var. australis Brand, Phacelia distans var. scabrella, Phacelia leptostachya Greene, Phacelia ramosissima var. cinerea, Phacelia scabrella Greene, Phacelia tanacetifolia var. tenuifolia, Phacelia tenuifolia]
Last collected in 1982; note that this taxon may intergrade with plants assignable to P. floribunda; M. B. Dunkle 7441 [SBBG], C. A. Drost 153 [SBBG], M. B. Dunkle 8122 [SBBG], Norman Bilderback s.n. [SD], more...
[Phacelia phyllomanica var. interrupta]
Channel Islands endemic; last collected in 1966; specimens from Santa Barbara Island are reported to approach P. floribunda, but may represent morphological extremes of P. distans; R. N. Philbrick... B66-351 [SBBG], R. Bond 403 [SBBG]
[Ellisia aurita (Lindl.) Jeps., Nemophila aurita Lindl., Viticella aurita (Lindl.) J.F.Macbr.]
[Ellisia racemosa (Nutt. ex A.Gray) Jeps., Nemophila racemosa Nutt. ex A. Gray]
[Malvastrum exile A. Gray, Malvastrum exilis, Malveopsis exilis (A. Gray) Kuntze, Sphaeralcea exilis (A. Gray) Jeps.]
Collected once in 2017
Non-native; last collected in 1980s; M. B. Dunkle 8117 [SBBG], Charles A. Drost 340 [SBBG]
[Calandrinia ciliata var. menziesii (Hook.) J.F. Macbr., Claytonia menziesii, Talinum menziesii]
[Calandrinia maritima Nutt., Claytonia maritima (Nutt.) Kuntze]
[Limnia parviflora (Douglas ex Hook.) Rydb., Montia parviflora (Douglas ex Hook.) Howell]
Claytonia parviflora subsp. parviflora - Narrow-Leaf Miner's-Lettuce
[Claytonia parviflora var. parviflora, Claytonia perfoliata var. parviflora (Douglas ex Hook.) Torr., Montia parviflora var. rupestris Suksd., Montia perfoliata var. parviflora (Douglas ex Hook.) Jeps.]
Collected once in 1963; M. A. Piehl 63168 [SBBG]
[Limnia cuprea A. Heller, Limnia perfoliata (Donn ex Willd.) Haw., Montia perfoliata (Donn ex Willd.) Howell]
[Limnia platyphylla Rydb.]
Last collected in 1968; R. F. Thorne 37514 [RSA]
[Anagallis arvensis L., Anagallis arvensis subsp. arvensis, Anagallis arvensis subsp. caerulea, Anagallis arvensis var. arvensis, Anagallis arvensis var. caerulea (Schreb.) Gren. & Godr., Anagallis arvensis var. coerulea (Schreb.) Gren. & Godr., Anagallis caerulea Schreb., Anagallis coerulea Schreb.]
Non-native; last collected in 1995; C. A. Drost 345 [SBBG], S. Chaney 1995-00-00 [SBBG]
[Hesperonia laevis (Benth.) Standl., Mirabilis laevis subsp. glutinosa (A. Nels) A. E. Murray, Oxybaphus laevis Benth., Quamoclidion laeve Rydb.]
[Hesperonia californica, Hesperonia heimerlii Standl., Mirabilis californica A. Gray, Mirabilis californica var. californica, Mirabilis californica var. cedrosensis (Standl.) J.F. Macbr., Mirabilis californica var. cordifolia (Dunkle) Dunkle, Mirabilis heimerlii (Standl.) J. F. Macbr., Mirabilis laevis var. cedrosensis (Standl.) Munz, Mirabilis laevis var. cordifolia Dunkle, Oxybaphus californicus]
[Olea africana Mill., Olea europaea subsp. africana (Mill.) P. Green, Olea europaea subsp. europaea]
Non-native; reported in Ratay et al. (2014), but no specimen found.
[Agassizia cheiranthifolia (Hornem. ex Spreng.) Spach, Camissonia cheiranthifolia (Hornem. ex Spreng.) Raim., Holostigma cheiranthifolium (Hornem. ex Spreng.) Spach, Oenothera cheiranthifolia Hornem. ex Spreng., Oenothera cheiranthifolia var. nitida (Greene) Munz, Sphaerostigma cheiranthifolium (Hornem. ex Spreng.) Fisch. & C.A. Mey.]
[Camissonia cheiranthifolia subsp. cheiranthifolia, Oenothera cheiranthifolia subsp. cheiranthifolia, Oenothera cheiranthifolia var. cheiranthifolia, Oenothera cheiranthifolia var. nitida (Greene) Munz, Oenothera nitida Greene, Oenothera spiralis Hook., Oenothera spiralis var. linearis Jeps.]
Collection date not provided; Henry Hemphill [UCJEPS]
[Eschscholzia elegans Greene, Eschscholzia elegans var. ramosa Greene]
California Islands endemic; last collected in 1993; S. A. Junak SB-96 [SBBG], R. N. Philbrick B68-68 [SBBG]
[Meconopsis heterophylla Benth., Stylomecon heterophylla (Benth.) G. Taylor]
[Platystemon aculeolatus Greene, Platystemon acutatus, Platystemon anemonoides Greene, Platystemon antoninus Greene, Platystemon arizonicus Greene, Platystemon arvorum Greene, Platystemon australis Greene, Platystemon californicus var. californicus, Platystemon californicus var. capsularis Brandegee, Platystemon californicus var. ciliatus Dunkle, Platystemon californicus var. crinitus Greene, Platystemon californicus var. horridulus (Greene) Jeps., Platystemon californicus var. nutans Brandegee, Platystemon californicus var. ornithopus (Greene) Munz, Platystemon californicus var. sphaerocarpus, Platystemon cernuus Greene, Platystemon commixtus Greene, Platystemon communis Greene, Platystemon communis var. stylosus Greene, Platystemon confinis Greene, Platystemon contortus Greene, Platystemon crenatus Greene, Platystemon crinitus, Platystemon elegans Greene, Platystemon emarginatus Greene, Platystemon exsculptus Greene, Platystemon glyptolobus Greene, Platystemon heterander Greene, Platystemon hispidulus Greene, Platystemon horridulus Greene, Platystemon hyacinthinus Greene, Platystemon leptander Greene, Platystemon mendocinus Greene, Platystemon mohavensis Greene, Platystemon obtectus Greene, Platystemon ornithopus Greene, Platystemon pectinatus Greene, Platystemon penicillatus Greene, Platystemon petrinus Greene, Platystemon pilosellus Greene, Platystemon purpuratus Greene, Platystemon quercetorum Greene, Platystemon remotus Greene, Platystemon rigidulus Greene, Platystemon rugosus Greene, Platystemon setosus Greene, Platystemon subereus Greene, Platystemon tessellatus Greene, Platystemon tortuosus Greene, Platystemon villosus Greene]
Last collected in 1993; var. ciliatus, if recognized, would be a Santa Barbara Island endemic; S. A. Junak SB-86 [SBBG], M. B. Dunkle 7400 [SBBG]
Gambelia speciosa Nutt. - showy greenbright
[Antirrhinum speciosum A.Gray, Galvesia speciosa (Nutt.) A. Gray, Galvezia speciosa (Nutt.) A. Gray]
California Islands endemic; Cooper s.n. UC26766
Plantago ovata Forssk. - Woolly Plantain
[Plantago brunnea E. Morris, Plantago gooddingii A. Nelson & P.B. Kenn., Plantago minima A. Cunn.]
[Plantago insularis Eastw., Plantago insularis var. insularis, Plantago insularis var. scariosa (E. Morris) Jeps.]
Avena barbata Pott ex Link - Slender Wild Oat
[Avena almeriensis Gand., Avena barbata subvar. hirsuta (Moench) E. Morren, Avena deusta Ball, Avena hirtula Lag., Avena hoppeana Scheele, Avena sallentiana Pau, Avena sativa var. barbata (Pott ex Link) Fiori, Avena sesquitertia hort. ex Steud., Avena strigosa subsp. barbata (Pott ex Link) Thell., Avena wiestii Steud.]
Non-native; last collected in 1998; E. R. Blakley 5674 [SBBG], S. A. Junak SB-135 [SBBG]
Avena fatua L. - Insipid Wild Oat
[Anelytrum avenaceum Hack., Avena fatua subsp. meridionalis Malzev, Avena fatua var. glabrata Peterm., Avena fatua var. glabrescens Coss. & Durieu, Avena lanuginosa Gilib., Avena meridionalis (Malzev) Roshev., Avena patens St.-Lag., Avena pilosa Scop., nom. superfl., Avena sativa var. fatua (L.) Fiori, Avena sativa var. sericea Hook. f., Avena septentrionalis Malzev, Avena vilis Wallr.]
[Bromus carinatus var. arizonicus Shear, Bromus trinii var. excelsus Shear, Ceratochloa arizonica (Shear) Holub]
[Avena paupercula Phil., Avena symphicarpa Trin. ex Steud., Bromus barbatoides Beal, Bromus barbatoides var. sulcatus Beal, Bromus berterianus Colla, Bromus bicuspis Nees ex Steud., Bromus leyboldtii Phil., Bromus rudis Sodiro, Bromus trinii E. Desv., Bromus trinii var. effusa E. Desv., Bromus trinii var. manicata E. Desv., Bromus trinii var. micranthera E. Desv., Bromus trinii var. pallidiflorus E. Desv., Bromus trinii var. stricta E. Desv., Bromus trinii var. trinii, Danthonia pseudo-spicata Müll. Hal., Trisetobromus hirtus (Trin.) Nevski, Trisetum barbatoides Beal, Trisetum barbatoides var. sulcatus Beal, Trisetum barbatum Steud., Trisetum barbatum var. major Vasey, Trisetum hirtum Trin., Trisetum trinii (E. Desv.) Louis-Marie, Trisetum trinii var. effusum (E. Desv.) Louis-Marie, Trisetum trinii var. litorale (Phil.) Louis-Marie, Trisetum trinii var. majus (Vasey) Louis-Marie, Trisetum trinii var. manicatum (E. Desv.) Louis-Marie, Trisetum trinii var. micrantherum (E. Desv.) Louis-Marie, Trisetum trinii var. pallidiflorus (E. Desv.) Louis-Marie, Trisetum trinii var. strictum (E. Desv.) Louis-Marie]
Non-native; last collected in 1998; M. A. Piehl 63151 [SBBG], Steven A. Junak SB-141 [SBBG]
Bromus diandrus Roth - Ripgut Grass
[Anisantha diandra, Anisantha diandra subsp. rigida (Roth) Tzvelev, Anisantha gussonii (Parl.) Nevski, Anisantha rigida (Roth) Hyl., Bromus diandrus subsp. diandrus, Bromus diandrus subsp. rigidus (Roth) Laínz, Bromus diandrus var. diandrus, Bromus diandrus var. gussonei (Parl.) Coss. & Durieu, Bromus diandrus var. rigidus (Roth) Sales, Bromus gussonei Parl., Bromus gussonii Parl., Bromus gussonii var. rigidus (Roth) Lindb., Bromus madritensis var. rigidus (Roth) Bab. ex Syme, Bromus maximus var. gussonei (Parl.) Parl., Bromus rigidus, Bromus rigidus subsp. gussonei (Parl.) Maire, Bromus rigidus var. gussonei (Parl.) Coss. & Durieu, Bromus rubens var. rigidus (Roth) Mutel, Bromus villosus var. gussonei (Parl.) Asch. & Graebn., Bromus villosus var. rigidus (Roth) Asch. & Graebn., Genea rigida (Roth) Dumort., Zerna gussonei (Parl.) Grossh.]
Non-native; last collected in 2021; M. B. Dunkle 8141 [SBBG], S. A. Junak SB-150 [SBBG]
[Avena mollis, Bromus ferronii Mabille, Bromus hordeaceus f. leiostachys (Hartm.) Hyl., Bromus hordeaceus f. leptostachys (Pers.) Wiegand, Bromus hordeaceus subsp. divaricatus (Bonnier & Layens) Kerguélen, Bromus hordeaceus subsp. hordeaceus, Bromus hordeaceus subsp. molliformis (J. Lloyd ex Billot) Maire & Weiller, Bromus hordeaceus subsp. mollis, Bromus hordeaceus subsp. thominei (Hardouin) Braun-Blanq., Bromus hordeaceus var. leptostachys (Pers.) Beck, Bromus hordeaceus var. molliformis (J. Lloyd ex Billot) Halácsy, Bromus hordeaceus var. mollis (L.) Fiori, Bromus hordeaceus var. thominei (Hardouin) Brand, Bromus leptostachys var. pubescens Fouill. ex de Lesd., Bromus megapotamicus Spreng., Bromus molliformis J. Lloyd ex Billot, Bromus mollis L., Bromus mollis f. nanus (Weigel) Todor, Bromus mollis subsp. hordeaceus (L.) Hiitonen, Bromus mollis var. hordaceus (L.) Lilj., Bromus mollis var. hordeaceus (L.) FRIES, Bromus mollis var. leiostachys Hartm., Bromus mollis var. leptostachys Pers., Bromus mollis var. mollis, Bromus mollis var. nanus (Weigel) Lilj., Bromus nanus Weigel, Bromus secalinus var. hordeaceus (L.) L., Bromus thominei Hardouin, Forasaccus mollis (L.) Bubani, Serrafalcus hordeaceus (L.) Gren. & Godr., Serrafalcus mollis (L.) Parl.]
Non-native; last collected in 1982; E. R. Blakley 5685 [SBBG], C. A. Drost 176 [SBBG]
Bromus rubens L. - Red Brome
[Anisantha rubens (L.) Nevski, Anisantha rubens (L.) Nevski, Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens (L.) Husn., Bromus madritensis var. rubens (L.) Husn., Bromus scoparius var. rubens (L.) St.-Amans, Bromus scoparius var. rubens (L.) St.-Amans, Festuca rubens (L.) Pers., Festuca rubens (L.) Pers., Zerna rubens (L.) Grossh., Zerna rubens (L.) Grossh.]
[Agrostis bermudiana Tussac ex Kunth, Capriola dactylon, Chloris cynodon Trin., Cynodon aristiglumis Caro & E.A. Sánchez, Cynodon aristulatus Caro & E.A. Sánchez, Cynodon dactylon f. viviparus Beetle, Cynodon dactylon subsp. glabratus (Steud.) Chev., Cynodon dactylon var. dactylon, Cynodon dactylon var. elegans Rendle, Cynodon dactylon var. glabratus (Steud.) Chiov., Cynodon dactylon var. villosus Regel, Cynodon erectus J. Presl, Cynodon glabratus Steud., Cynodon occidentalis Willd. ex Steud., Cynodon pascuus Nees, Cynodon portoricensis Willd. ex Steud., Cynodon tenuis Trin. ex Spreng., Cynodon umbellatus (Lam.) Caro, Cynosurus dactylon (L.) Pers., Cynosurus uniflorus Walter, Dactilon officinale Vill., Digitaria dactylon (L.) Scop., Digitaria glumaepatula (Steud.) Miq., Digitaria stolonifera Schrad., Fibichia dactylon (L.) Beck, Fibichia umbellata Koeler, Milium dactylon (L.) Moench, Panicum dactylon L., Panicum glumaepatulum Steud., Paspalum dactylon (L.) Lam., Paspalum umbellatum Lam., Phleum dactylon Pall. ex Georgi]
Non-native; collected once in 1983; C. A. Drost 342 [SBBG]
[Bromus dertonensis All., Bromus dertonensis All., Festuca dertonensis (All.) Asch. & Graebn., Festuca dertonensis (All.) Asch. & Graebn., Festuca dertonensis var. sciuroides (Roth) Briq., Festuca geniculata var. monandra Döll, Festuca myuros subsp. sciuroides (Roth) Rouy, Festuca myuros var. bromoides (L.) Wimm. & Grab., Festuca myuros var. bromoides (L.) Wimm. & Grab., Festuca myuros var. sciuroides (Roth) Coss. & Durieu, Festuca sciuroides Roth, Vulpia bromoides (L.) Gray, Vulpia dertonensis (All.) Gola, Vulpia dertonensis (All.) Gola, Vulpia myuros subsp. sciuroides (Roth) Rouy, Vulpia myuros var. bromoides (L.) Parl., Vulpia myuros var. bromoides (L.) Parl., Vulpia sciuroides (Roth) C.C. Gmel.]
Non-native; collected once in 1993; Steve A. Junak SB-74 [SBBG]
Festuca myuros L. - Rat-Tail Fescue
[Distomomischus myuros (L.) Dulac, Festuca megalura Nutt., Festuca myuros var. hirsuta (Hack.) Asch. & Graebn., Vulpia megalura (Nutt.) Rydb., Vulpia myuros (L.) C.C. Gmel., Vulpia myuros subsp. megalura (Nutt.) Soják, Vulpia myuros subsp. myuros, Vulpia myuros var. hirsuta Hack., Vulpia myuros var. megalura (Nutt.) Auquier, Vulpia myuros var. myuros]
[Diarrhena setacea (Poir.) Roem. & Schult., Festuca octoflora subsp. hirtella Piper, Festuca octoflora var. aristulata Torr. ex L.H. Dewey, Festuca octoflora var. hirtella (Piper) Hitchc., Festuca parviflora Elliott, Festuca setacea Poir., Festuca tenella var. aristulata Torr., Gnomonia octoflora (Walter) Lunell, Gnomonia octoflora (Walter) Lunell, Vulpia antofagastensis Parodi, Vulpia octoflora (Walter) Rydb., Vulpia octoflora var. hirtella (Piper) Henrard, Vulpia octoflora var. octoflora]
Festuca perennis (L.) Columbus & J.P.Sm. - Perennial/Italian Rye Grass
[Festuca perrenis (L.) Columbus & J.P. Sm., Lolium brasilianum Nees, Lolium canadense Bernh. ex Rouville, Lolium latum Roth ex Steud., Lolium marschallii Steven, Lolium montevidense Rouville, Lolium multiflorum Lam., Lolium multiflorum subsp. ramosum Guss. ex Arcang., Lolium multiflorum var. multiflorum, Lolium multiflorum var. ramosum Guss. ex Arcang., Lolium perenne L., Lolium perenne subsp. multiflorum (Lam.) Husn., Lolium perenne subsp. perenne, Lolium perenne subsp. perenne, Lolium perenne var. brasilianum (Nees) Kuntze, Lolium perenne var. compressum Sibth., Lolium perenne var. cristatum Pers., Lolium perenne var. multiflorum (Lam.) Parnell, Lolium perenne var. pacyi Sturtev., Lolium perenne var. perenne, Lolium perenne var. perenne, Lolium perenne var. tenue (L.) Huds., Lolium strictum C. Presl, Lolium temulentum var. multiflorum (Lam.) Kuntze, Lolium tenue L.]
Non-native; last collected in 1978; R. N. Philbrick B78-350 [SBBG]
Hordeum murinum L. - Wall Barley
[Critesion murinum (L.) Á. Löve]
[Critesion glaucum (Steud.) Á. Löve, Critesion murinum subsp. glaucum (Steud.) W.A.Weber, Hordeum glaucum Steud., Hordeum leporinum subsp. glaucum (Steud.) T.A.Booth & A.J.Richards, Hordeum stebbinsii Covas]
[Hordeum leporinum Link, Hordeum murinum var. leporinum]
Non-native; last collected in 1963; E. R. Blakley 5673 [SBBG]
[Achyrodes aureum (L.) Kuntze, Chrysurus aureus (L.) P. Beauv. ex Spreng., Chrysurus cynosuroides Pers., Cynosurus aureus L.]
Melica imperfecta Trin. - Coast Range Melic
[Melica colpodioides Nees, Melica imperfecta var. flexuosa Bol., Melica imperfecta var. imperfecta, Melica imperfecta var. minor Scribn., Melica imperfecta var. pubens Scribn., Melica imperfecta var. refracta Thurb., Melica panicoides Nutt., Melica parishii Vasey ex Beal]
[Agrostis microcarpa hort. ex Steud., Agrostis microsperma Lag., Muhlenbergia fasciculata Trin., Muhlenbergia purpurea Nutt., Muhlenbergia ramosissima Vasey, Podosemum debile Kunth, Podosemum setosum Kunth, Trichochloa debilis (Kunth) Roem. & Schult., Trichochloa microsperma DC., Trichochloa setosa (Kunth) Roem. & Schult.]
[Aegilops incurva L., Aegilops incurvata L., Agrostis incurvata (L.) Scop., Lepidurus incurvus (L.) Janch., Lepiurus incurvatus (L.) Dumort., Lepturus filiformis var. incurvatus (L.) Hook. f., Lepturus incurvatus (L.) Trin., Lepturus incurvatus var. longiflorus Grossh., Lepturus incurvus (L.) Druce, Ophiuros incurvatus (L.) P. Beauv., Pholiurus incurvatus (L.) Hitchc., Pholiurus incurvus (L.) Schinz & Thell., Rottboellia incurva (L.) Roem. & Schult., Rottboellia incurvata (L.) L. f.]
Non-native; last collected in 1969; R. N. Philbrick B69-81 [SBBG]
[Phalaris americana Elliott, Phalaris intermedia Bosc ex Poir., Phalaris intermedia var. microstachya, Phalaris microstachya DC., Phalaris occidentalis Nutt., Phalaris trivialis Trin.]
Non-native; collected once in 1922; W. A. Bryan 1922-07-14 [SBBG]
Phalaris minor Retz. - Little-Seed Canary Grass
[Phalaris ambigua Fig. & De Not., Phalaris aquatica var. minor (Retz.) Mutel, Phalaris arundinacea var. minor (Retz.) Paunero, Phalaris brevis Trin., Phalaris capensis Thunb., Phalaris decumbens Moench, Phalaris gracilis Parl., Phalaris haematites Duval-Jouve & Paris, Phalaris haematites var. granulosa Sennen & Mauricio, Phalaris mauritii Sennen, Phalaris minor f. bracteata Jansen & Wacht., Phalaris minor f. composita Jansen & Wacht., Phalaris minor f. glomerata Henrard ex Jansen & Wacht., Phalaris minor f. gracilis (Parl.) Asch. & Graebn., Phalaris minor f. haematites Duval-Jouve & Paris ex Trab., Phalaris minor f. subcylindrica Web. & Thell. ex Jansen & Wacht., Phalaris minor subsp. gracilis (Parl.) Arcang., Phalaris minor var. comosula Heldr., Phalaris minor var. genuina Maire & Weiller, Phalaris minor var. gracilis (Parl.) Parl., Phalaris minor var. haematites Duval-Jouve & Paris, Phalaris minor var. integra Trab., Phalaris minor var. nepalensis (Trin.) Bor, Phalaris minor var. phaeosperma Cavara, Phalaris nepalensis Trin., Phalaris trivialis Trin.]
[Aira pumila Pursh, Catabrosa pumila (Pursh) Roem. & Schult., Ochlopoa annua (L.) H. Scholz, Poa aestivalis J. Presl, Poa annua f. reptans (Hausskn.) T. Koyama, Poa annua var. annua, Poa annua var. aquatica Asch., Poa annua var. eriolepis E. Desv., Poa annua var. reptans Hausskn., Poa annua var. rigidiuscula L.H. Dewey]
Non-native; last collected in 1991; S. A. Junak SB-49 [SBBG]
[Alopecurus aristatus var. monspeliensis (L.) Huds., Alopecurus monspeliensis L., Phalaris crinita Forssk., Phalaris cristata Forssk., Phleum crinitum Schreb., Phleum monospliense (L.) Koeler, Polypogon flavescens J. Presl, Polypogon monspeliensis f. argentinus Hack., Polypogon monspeliensis f. nana Stuck., Santia monspeliensis (L.) Parl.]
[Agrestis verticillata (Vill.) Bubani, Agrostis alba var. verticillata (Vill.) Pers., Agrostis aquatica Buckley, Agrostis condensata Willd. ex Steud., Agrostis semiverticillata (Forssk.) C. Chr., Agrostis stolonifera var. densiflora (Guss.) Chiov., Agrostis stolonifera var. verticillata (Vill.) St.-Amans, Agrostis verticillata Vill., Agrostis villarsii Poir., Agrostis viridis Gouan, Nowodworskya semiverticillata (Forssk.) Nevski, Nowodworskya verticillata (Vill.) Nevski, Phalaris semiverticillata Forssk., Polypogon littoralis var. muticus Hook. f., Polypogon semiverticillatus (Forssk.) Hyl., Polypogon subverticillatus (Forssk.) Hyl., Vilfa verticillata (Vill.) P. Beauv.]
Non-native; referenced in Ratay et al. (2014), but no specimen observed
[Schismus arabicus var. arabicus, Schismus arabicus var. violaceus Muschl., Schismus barbatus subsp. arabicus (Nees) Maire & Weiller, Schismus barbatus var. arabicus (Nees) J.P. Sm., Schismus calycinus var. arabicus (Nees) Kuntze, Schismus spectabilis Fig. & De Not.]
Non-native; last collected in 1998; S. A. Junak SB-145 [SBBG]
Schismus barbatus (L.) Thell. - Mediterranean Schismus
[Electra brevifolia Nees ex Steud., Electra calycina Panz., Electra nitida Panz. ex Steud., Electra ovalis Nees ex Steud., Festuca barbata L., Festuca calycina Loefl., Hemisacris gonatodes Steud., Koeleria calycina (Loefl.) DC. & Lam., Schismus arabicus var. minutus Boiss., Schismus barbatus f. coloratus Jahand. & Maire, Schismus barbatus subsp. calycinus Maire & Weiller, Schismus barbatus subsp. perennis Maire, Schismus barbatus var. genuinus Maire, Schismus brevifolius Nees, Schismus calycinus f. nana Kuntze, Schismus calycinus subvar. minutus Coss. & Durieu, Schismus calycinus var. calycinus, Schismus calycinus var. genuinus Maire, Schismus calycinus var. marginatus Kuntze, Schismus calycinus var. minutus Kuntze, Schismus calycinus var. neglectus Kuntze, Schismus calycinus var. tenuis T. Durand & Schinz, Schismus fasciculatus var. flaccidus Stapf, Schismus fasciculatus var. perennans Stapf, Schismus fasciculatus var. tenuis (Steud.) Stapf, Schismus hirsutus Trin., Schismus marginatus P. Beauv., Schismus minutus (Hoffm.) Roem. & Schult., Schismus ovalis Nees, Schismus perennis Ducell. & Maire, Schismus scaberrimus var. nanus Nees, Schismus tenuis Steud.]
Non-native; last collected in 1992; S. A. Junak SB-66 [SBBG]
Stipa lepida Hitchc. - Foothill Needle Grass
[Nassella lepida (Hitchc.) Barkworth, Nassella lepida var. lepida, Stipa eminens subsp. andersonii (Vasey) A.E. Murray, Stipa eminens var. andersonii Vasey, Stipa hassei Vasey, Stipa lepida var. andersonii (Vasey) Hitchc., Stipa lepida var. lepida]
Last collected in 1939; M. B. Dunkle 8109 [RSA]
Stipa pulchra Hitchc. - Purple Needle Grass
[Nassella pulchra (Hitchc.) Barkworth]
[Gilia achilleaefolia Benth., Gilia achilliifolia, Gilia capitata var. achilleaefolia, Gilia capitata var. achilleifolia H.Mason, Gilia multicaulis var. eximia]
[Gilia achilleaefolia subsp. multicaulis (Benth.) V.E.Grant & A.D.Grant, Gilia inconspicua var. oreophila, Gilia multicaulis Benth., Gilia multicaulis subsp. pedunculata (Eastw.) H. Mason & A.D. Grant, Gilia multicaulis var. alba Milliken, Gilia peduncularis Eastw. ex Milliken, Gilia pedunculata Eastw.]
Collected once in 1941; perhaps attributable to G. nevinii; Reid Moran 830 [UCJEPS]
Gilia nevinii A. Gray - Nevin's gilia
[Gilia multicaulis subsp. nevinii (A. Gray) H. Mason & A.D. Grant, Gilia multicaulis var. nevinii (A.Gray) Jeps.]
California Islands endemic; last collected in 1982; C. A. Drost 152 [SBBG], E. R. Blakley 5691 [SBBG], M. B. Dunkle 7429 [SBBG]
Eriogonum giganteum S. Watson - St. Catherine's lace
Eriogonum giganteum var. compactum Dunkle - Santa Barbara Island buckwheat
[Eriogonum giganteum subsp. compactum (Dunkle) Munz]
Santa Barbara Island endemic; last collected in 2021; R. N. Philbrick B68-86 [SBBG], R. Bond 1939-04-19 [SBBG], S. A. Junak SB-106 [SBBG]
[Pterostegia diphylla, Pterostegia diphylla var. biloba, Pterostegia microphylla]
Polypodium californicum Kaulf. - California Polypody
[Polypodium californicum var. kaulfussii D.C. Eaton, Polypodium X californicum]
[Allosorus myriophyllus var. clevelandii (D.C. Eaton) Farw., Cheilanthes clevelandi, Cheilanthes clevelandii D.C. Eaton]
Added on basis on one collection from 1893, to be verified; [unknown] 1893-00-00 [SBBG]
[Dipetalia linifolia (Vahl ex Hornem.) Tidestr., Ellimia ruderalis Nutt., Oligomeris subulata (Del.) Boiss., Reseda linifolia Vahl ex Hornem.]
Galium aparine L. - Common Bedstraw, Goose Grass
[Aparine vulgaris Hill, Asperula aparine (L.) Besser, Asperula aparine var. aparine (L.) Nyman, Asterophyllum aparine (L.) Schimp. & Spenn., Galion aparinum (L.) St.-Lag., Galium agreste var. echinospermum Wallr., Galium aparine var. echinospermum (Wallr.) Farw., Galium aparine var. intermedium (Merr.) Briq., Galium aparine var. minor Hook., Galium aparine var. vaillantii (DC.) Koch, Galium spurium var. echinospermum (Wallr.) Hayek, Galium vaillantii DC., Rubia aparine (L.) Baill.]
Lycium californicum Nutt. ex A. Gray - California desert-thorn
[Lycium californicum subsp. californicum, Lycium californicum subsp. carinatum (S. Wats.) Felger, Lycium californicum var. arizonicum A. Gray, Lycium californicum var. californicum, Lycium carinatum S. Wats.]
[Lycopersicon cerasiforme Dunal, Lycopersicon esculentum subsp. galenii (Mill.) Luckwill, Lycopersicon esculentum var. cerasiforme (Dunal) A. Gray, Lycopersicon esculentum var. esculentum, Lycopersicon esculentum var. esculentum, Lycopersicon esculentum var. leptophyllum (Dunal) D'Arcy, Lycopersicon lycopersicum (L.) Karst., Lycopersicon lycopersicum var. cerasiforme (Dunal) Alef., Lycopersicon lycopersicum var. pyriforme (Dunal) Alef., Lycopersicon pyriforme Dunal, Solanum lycopersicum L., Solanum lycopersicum L., Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme (Dunal) Spooner, G.J. Anderson & R.K. Jansen, Solanum lycopersicum var. lycopersicum, Solanum lycopersicum var. lycopersicum]
Non-native; reported in Ratay et al. (2014) but no specimen observed
Nicotiana clevelandii A. Gray - Cleveland's tobacco
[Nicotiana clevelandi, Nicotiana greeneana Rose]
Collected once in 1991; C. A. Drost 395 [SBBG]
Solanum douglasii Dunal - Douglas’s Nightshade
[Solanum nigrum var. douglasii (Dunal) A. Gray]
Referenced by Junak et al. (1993) and Ratay et al. (2014), the former including this taxon on the basis of a photograph taken on the western terrace in 1980; no specimens observed
[Brodiaea capitata Benth., Brodiaea capitata Benth., Brodiaea capitata var. insularis, Brodiaea insularis, Brodiaea pulchella (Salisb.) Greene, Brodiaea pulchella var. pulchella, Dichelostemma capitatum subsp. capitatum, Dichelostemma capitatum subsp. capitatum, Dichelostemma insulare, Dichelostemma lacuna-vernalis L.W.Lenz, Dichelostemma pulchellum (Salisb.) A.Heller, Dichelostemma pulchellum (Salisb.) A.Heller, Dichelostemma pulchellum var. capitatum (Benth.) Reveal, Dichelostemma pulchellum var. capitatum (Benth.) Reveal, Dichelostemma pulchellum var. pulchellum, Dichelostemma pulchellum var. pulchellum, Dichelostemma pulchellum var. pulchellum, Dipterostemon capitatus (Benth.) Rydb., Dipterostemon capitatus subsp. capitatus (Benth.) Rydb., Dipterostemon insularis, Hookera capitata (Benth.) Kuntze, Hookera capitata (Benth.) Kuntze, Milla capitata (Benth.) Baker, Milla capitata (Benth.) Baker]
[Brodiaea capitata Benth., Brodiaea capitata var. insularis, Brodiaea insularis, Brodiaea pulchella (Salisb.) Greene, Brodiaea pulchella var. pulchella, Dichelostemma capitatum (Benth.) Alph. Wood, Dichelostemma capitatum (Benth.) Alph. Wood, Dichelostemma insulare, Dichelostemma lacuna-vernalis L.W.Lenz, Dichelostemma pulchellum (Salisb.) A.Heller, Dichelostemma pulchellum var. capitatum (Benth.) Reveal, Dichelostemma pulchellum var. pulchellum, Dichelostemma pulchellum var. pulchellum, Dipterostemon capitatus (Benth.) Rydb., Dipterostemon capitatus subsp. capitatus (Benth.) Rydb., Dipterostemon insularis, Hookera capitata (Benth.) Kuntze, Milla capitata (Benth.) Baker]
[Cardamindum majus Moench, Tropaeolum majas L., Trophaeum majus (L.) Kuntze]
Non-native; collected once in 1993; Sarah Chaney SC1 [SBBG]
Collected once in 1963; M. A. Piehl 63152 [SBBG]