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Taxa: Scutellaria brittonii (Scutellaria brittoni, Scutellaria virgulata)
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CDA - California Department of Food and Agriculture

CDA-0053729Tom Schweich   22662020-05-09
United States, Colorado, Jefferson, Dakota Ridge. Southern end of the hogback in northernmost Golden, 4.16 km. north northwest of the GNIS location of Golden., 39.78127663 -105.2376247, 1874m

CHSC - CSU Chico, Chico State Herbarium - Vascular Plants

CHSC009423J. F. Goodwin   1231971-06-19
United States, Colorado, Jefferson, 500 ft. south of Intst. Hwy. 285, 5.7 mi. south of Conifer.

Dean William Taylor Collections

Dean Wm. Taylor   74201979-07-02
U.S.A., Colorado, Boulder, along Highway 72 1.3 miles south of Ward, 40.06231 -105.5179, 2743m

HSC - Humboldt State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

HSC209582Timothy Grove   1970-06-06
United States, Colorado, Larimer, Cache La Poudre River, 1 mile W of Stove Prairie Landing, sec. 7, T.8N, R.71 W., 1981m

HSC209583Thomas Nelson   6181972-07-23
United States, Colorado, Larimer, T4N, R37W, Sec. 12. beside highway 7.

OBI - Robert F. Hoover Herbarium, Cal Poly State University

OBI111008David J. Keil   218151991-06-23
United States, Colorado, Larimer, Horsetooth Peak Trailhead area and trail., 40.53209 -105.186514

OBI111007David J. Keil   217371991-06-15
United States, Wyoming, Albany, Above Blair Picnic Ground, Medicine Bow National Forest, SE of Laramie., 41.3667 -106.3, 2450m

OBI111010David Keil   177981983-08-00
United States, Colorado, Douglas, Pike National Forest. S of Sedalia on road to Devil's Head campground. Ca. 7500 ft. elev., 39.32097 -105.083726, 2286m

OBI111011Harry Fierstine   10629-41971-06-29
United States, Colorado, Larimer, Bedsprings Spring, 5 mi. NE Pingree Park

OBI111009Mike Bynum   1161991-06-27
United States, Wyoming, Albany, Above Blair Campground on Forest Route 705., 2499m

Tom Schweich   20762019-06-10
United States, Colorado, Jefferson, High plains above Rocky Flats, 1.7 mi. west on CO 72 from CO 93, 1.1 mi. generally north on Plainview Road, then approx. 75 m. east., 39.88931827 -105.2609903, 1936m

RENO - University of Nevada, Reno Herbarium

56201A. Nelson   70091900-06-01
United States, Wyoming, Albany, Sand Creek., 41.0099 -105.7553

RSA - California Botanic Garden Herbarium

RSA0061780Marcus E. Jones   s.n.1876-00-00
United States, Colorado, Unknown, Unspecified locality.

RSA0004004O. Nelson   32181897-06-28
United States, Wyoming, Unknown, Green Top

RSA0061779Marcus E. Jones   s.n.1878-05-16
United States, Colorado, El Paso, Ute Pass, Colorado Springs., 38.909711 -104.974899

RSA0061778Marcus E. Jones   s.n.1879-06-00
United States, Colorado, El Paso, Colorado Springs., 38.833882 -104.821363

UCR - University of California, Riverside Herbarium - Vascular Plants

Tim Walker   COL--481967-07-02
United States, Colorado, Larimer, Rocky Mountain National Park, 40.34083 -105.69194, 3049m

Tom Schweich   18252018-05-16
United States, Colorado, Jefferson, Kinney Run, small hill between Kinney Run and Deadman Gulch, 2.86 km south of the GNIS location of Golden, 39.73011 -105.21581, 1812m

Page 1, records 1-18 of 18

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