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Taxa: Picea pungens (Picea parryana, Picea pungens var. glauca, Picea pungens f. argentea, Pinus parryana)
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CSLA - Cal State LA Herbarium

CSLA020792Paul H. Risk   61963-09-10
United States, Arizona, Coconino, San Francisco Peaks; Mt. Agassiz, 3627m

DAV - UC Davis Herbarium

Stephen K. Langer   s.n.1998-05-02
United States, Utah, Salt Lake County, Utah: Salt Lake County: Wasatch Range, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Jordan Pines group campground and picnic area., 610m

HNT - Huntington Botanical Gardens Herbarium

12364Tim Thibault; Brian Dorsey   14682017-04-16
United States, New Mexico, Catron, Gila National Forest, FR 141, Negrito Creek S. Fork past campground, between milepost 25 and 26. South side of the creek on steep bank., 33.532 -108.57593, 2304m

LOB - California State University, Long Beach Herbarium

LOB113905C. Farnum   63F1973-04-19
United States, Minnesota, Stearns, On Minnesota Street, 290m

OBI - Robert F. Hoover Herbarium, Cal Poly State University

OBI147318Elinor Lehto   101431967-10-05
United States, Arizona, Graham, Pinaleno Mts. at Heliograph Point, 3048m

OBI147319Harry Fierstine   710704-21971-07-04
United States, Colorado, Larimer, 30 mi W Fort Collins on Buckhorn Rd.

OBI147317David Keil   221491991-07-00
United States, Colorado, Mesa, Grand Mesa National Forest. Jeep trail between Waterdog Reservoir and Bull Creek Reservoir no.5, and on foot to Bull Basin Reservoir no.2., 39.070222 -108.030456

Pinus parryana Ehrh. ex Voss
OBI158033H.E. McMinn   39871935-06-25
United States, California, San Diego, Laguna Mountains

RENO - University of Nevada, Reno Herbarium

11507W. Priest   s.n.1956-05-07
United States, Nevada, Washoe, Reno, University of Nevada Campus., 39.543695 -119.813197

11508W.D. Billings   15511942-06-19
United States, Arizona, Coconino, Kaibab Plateau, 15 miles S of Jacobs Lake., 36.542431 -112.160948

11509W. D. Billings   21621951-09-09
United States, Wyoming, Teton, W. side of Teton Pass., 43.500258 -110.967402, 2438 - 2438m

SD - SD Herbarium, San Diego Natural History Museum

Pinkava   95011967-07-00
United States, Arizona, Apache, Phelps Botanical Area, east fork of Little Colorado River, 2805m

Brian Elliott   37771998-07-12
United States, Colorado, Custer, Wet Mountains, Wet Mountain Valley, Sangre de Cristo Range and vicinity; Sangre de Cristo from Horseshoe Lake up to Hermit Pass, west of Westcliffe., 3657m

SJSU - Carl W. Sharsmith Herbarium, San Jose State University

1290A.W. Jacobs   1952-06-22
United States, Arizona, Coconino, Point Imperial (3 mi S), Kaibab Plateau, Grand Canyon National Park, 2438m

UCR - University of California, Riverside Herbarium - Vascular Plants

J.C. Lyman   s.n.1989-06-26
United States, Colorado, Archuleta, Route 84, Rio Blanco Basin Campground, c. 12 mi south of Pagosa Springs, 2141m

June Latting   s.n.1976-07-21
United States, Colorado, Eagle, White River National Forest, Fulford; Rocky Mountains, 39.52 -106.66, 2988m

A.C. Sanders   150701994-07-11
United States, California, Riverside, Cherry Valley, irrigated landscaping at the Edward Dean Museum, Oak Glen Road, 1 mi north of Orchard St., 33.98556 -116.97083, 1000m

Page 1, records 1-17 of 17

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