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NATIVE Note: Only documentation (CHSC000102) over 80 years old, locality not precise, uncertain.; Sonia R. Westerberg 1938-04-00 [CHSC]
NATURALIZED, Note: well established and spreading just 20m to the south edge of the park., Not in the Park, just south of the Park boundary; Fred M. Roberts 8652 [IRVC]
Carduus tenuiflorus - Slender Thistle
NATURALIZED (native to central Europe), Note: Likely misidentifed. Appears to be Carduus pycnocephalus var. pycnocephalus, awaiting annotation.; H. Camp 7 [IRVC]
NATIVE, Note: Specimen indicates Cleveland National Forest, not in Caspers Park.; Richard Spjut 2213 [HSC]
NATIVE, Note: "Upper San Juan Canyon" could be much higher in elevation up San Juan Canyon. JEF elevation range is 100--1400 m (330 - 3600 ft), habitat is coastal scrub and chaparral, and flowering time is Jun--Nov. Old collection from 1930s. Other OC records w/ habitat indicate ridges & sandstone ridges. Found at higher elevations in this region of the Santa Ana Mtns (oddly, at lower elevations in the northern parts of the range). Nearest known locality is among chaparral right next to the Candy Store. If anywhere nearby, I’d suspect the San Juan Trail, but that’s just outside of the park (F.M. Roberts, pers. comm. & R.L. Allen, pers. comm.).
Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. - Eastwood's manzanita
NATIVE. Note: Specimen collections not specific enough to Caspers Park. Variety needs to be determined; W. Pequegnat s.n. [LA], Richard Spjut 2230 [HSC]
NATIVE, Note: Possibly a misidentified A. heermannii. Needs to be reviewed.; Louis Truong 10 [OBS]
Amorpha californica Nutt. - California False Indigo
NATIVE, Note: A patch posted to Calflora was visited and re-determined to be A. fruticosa. Details were submitted to the observer.
NATIVE, Note (Fred Roberts): This is a student collection. W. Brown has a few collections for 1975 and they are scattered all over the place (mostly in the desert). I suspect he really didn’t know where he was. Most of his collections appear to be roadside collections and we can probably guess the same here. The clues, 10 miles east of San Juan Capistrano, chaparral on rocky slope, 1,500 feet, and Elsinore Mtns. are contradictory. If you go by the 10 miles east of SJC, it is most likely the collector was using I-5 as an anchor, putting the specimen near Nichols institute, farther to the south. However, if you used the east corporate boundary for SJC that is likely what the georeferencer used. The rocky slopes in this area are largely south facing but would be coastal sage scrub. I think if you consider the combination of the Elsinore Mtns., the 1500 foot elevation, and being in chaparral, the georeference would be more likely to be near the 1500 foot crossing of Ortega Highway at 33.605600-117.446480 then 10 miles east of San Juan Capistrano, but with a pretty good error circle. Regardless, though, I think it is unlikely within Caspers.; W. Brown 10 [LOB]
Hypericum scouleri Hook. - Scouler's St. Johnswort
NATIVE, Note: A single 2007 iNat record looks promising. Needs verification of ID and location.
Note: Possibly Juncus oxymeris. Needs review.; Ron Vanderhoff 391 [IRVC]
NATIVE, Note: Check the San Juan Creekbed in the northern part of the park (Wildflowers of OC & SAM)).; John Schram (HS) [IRVC]
NATIVE, Note: Locality vague, likely not in the park. "A 1997 collection with a questionable location. Label states: 'United States, California, Orange, Cleveland National Forest, 1.6 mi. SE of Ortega Hwy (Calif. Hwy 74) on Rd. 7-S14 . . . 549 meters (1801ft) . . . Habitat: Chaparral. Rocky creek edge. . . Common in grassy areas near & away from the roadside.' That elevation does not exist within the park and the gps point is not near a creek or a roadside. Also states Cleveland National Forest. I suspect this is further East or further upslope." (R. Vanderhoff, pers. comm.); George K. Helmkamp 1657 [UCR]
Castilleja applegatei Fernald - Wavyleaf Paintbrush
NATIVE, Note: Originally included on Checklist from iNat observations, but these now in doubt. Uncertain it is in the Park.
NATIVE, Note: Specimen appears to be Eschscholzia californica, having a wide receptacular ring; D. Markovitz 4 [LOB]
NATIVE, Note: Specimen cited as Diplacus aurantiacus, but likely a misidentifed D. australis. Appears to be Diplacus australis. Removed from main Checklist for now.; Melvin Kunkle 38 [LOB]
Calamagrostis koelerioides Vasey - Dense-Pine Reed Grass
NATIVE, Note: Out of Park (F. Roberts, pers. comm.); coordinates in process of being changed.; Fred M. Roberts 4941 [RSA]
NATIVE, Note: Unable to identify to species with certainty. Needs review.; Ron Vanderhoff 1054 [IRVC]
Hordeum vulgare L. - cereal barley
WAIF, Note: Single plant 2 m from E boundary along roadside.; Ron Vanderhoff 1052 [IRVC]
NATURALIZED (native to Eurasia), Note: Identification needs verification with a specimen.
Ceanothus leucodermis Greene - Chaparral Whitethorn
NATIVE, Note: Locality vague, likely not in Park. "A single historic record from Pequegnat has questionable georeferenced data. Stated as "U.S.A., Orange, Santa Ana Mountains; Ortega Rd" with a verbatim elevation of "1800ft". The gps data was transcribed at a later time. The elevation at the gps is only 400ft and there is no place anywhere in the park at this elevation. The sp. is also generally higher elevation. I suspect this was collected further East up Hwy. 74." (R. Vanderhoff, pers. comm.); W. Pequegnat s.n. [LA]
Ceanothus palmeri Trel. - Palmer’s-Lilac
NATIVE, Note: Locality vague, likely not in Park. "Label states 'U.S.A., Orange/Riverside, Peninsular Ranges; Santa Ana Mountains; Ortega Rd'. No elevation is given, but an error radius of 15000m is listed. Given the range of this species I also suspect this collection was from much further East in the mountains." (R. Vanderhoff, pers. comm.); W.E. Pequegnat s.n. [LA]
Steve Boyd's label description is almost certainly East of the park boundary.
Typha angustifolia L. - Narrow-Leaf Cattail
NATIVE, Note: Identification doubtful; needs confirmation.; Robert F. Thorne 49636 [RSA], R.F. Thorne 49636 [SD]