Welcome to the Consortium of California Herbaria Portal (CCH2)

CCH2 serves data from specimens housed in CCH member herbaria. The data included in this database represents all specimen records from partner institutions. The data served through this portal are currently growing due to the work of the California Phenology Thematic Collections Network (CAP-TCN). This collaboration of 22 California universities, research stations, natural history collections, and botanical gardens aims to capture images, label data, and phenological (i.e., flowering time) data from nearly 1 million herbarium specimens by 2022. Data contained in the CCH2 portal will continue to grow even after this time through the activities of the CCH member institutions.

For more information about the California Phenology TCN, visit the project website:

For more information about the California Consortium of Herbaria (CCH) see:

The California Phenology TCN is made possible by the National Science Foundation Award 1802312. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Special thanks to the National Park Service who provided funds for the initial setup of the CCH2 website and database (November 2016).

Note also these other portals that will better serve the data needs of more-specialized users:

California vascular plants - CCH1: For California vascular plants linked to the statewide flora project (the Jepson eFlora: http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/eflora/), please see the original the CCH1 portal (active since 2003).
Pteridophytes: For world-wide ferns, lycophytes, and their extinct, free-sporing relatives, see the Pteridophyte Collections Consortium (PCC). The CCH2 taxonomic thesaurus has been augmented based on the Checklist of Ferns and Lycophytes of the World, generously provided by Michael Hassler (who also supplied these data for the PCC Thesaurus).
Macroalgae: For algae specimens, see the Macroalgal Herbarium Consortium Portal.
Brytophytes: For bryophyte specimens, see the Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria (CNABH).
Lichens: For lichen specimens, see the Consortium of North American Lichen Herbaria (CNALH).